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Welcome to my Ham Radio site devoted to the Yaesu FT1000MP Series of Radios and Accessories!

The Purpose of this ham radio site is to enhance your understanding and appreciation of what this series of ham radio can do, and how to use it with all of the available hardware and computer software. The links will take you to other ham radio and information sites where you will find interesting ideas how to use your Yaesu FT1000MP or how to improve it. This web site contains hundreds of pages of information about the Yaesu FT1000MP series of radios including settings, troubleshooting, manuals, computer software, tips, electronic components, parts etc. so take a while to browse the site and enjoy.



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Commentary for Jan 2008

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  • Jan 08 - I am still trying to find the time to add all of the items I have, mainly for the Mark V. A number of you have sent me items which I simply haven't gotten to yet. We have an ongoing family illness which is consuming most of my time and so I thank you for your patience.
  •  I traded my MP for a Mark V, so watch for more info on that radio.
  • This weekend I tried the HamCap propagation software after reading about it in QST. It certainly lives up to reviews and integrates with DX Atlas. I found that it clearly showed me areas of the globe that were open to me (the lighter the map areas, the better chance for good propagation and Signal to Noise ratio) based on my location and the type of antenna I was using. I compared this to the stations I was able to work and found it worked very well. It also explained why I wasn't able to talk with stations on the lower bands during the day. Very worthwhile download.
  • I also tried the Romac Sound Card Manager which creates a profile for each piece of Ham Radio Software that you use and remembers the sound card settings. Particularly useful for PSK, RTTY and SlowScan TV.
I want to continually improve this site and welcome any ideas or links to other ham radio web pages. If you have any suggestions, ideas or input, please contact me.  


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