FT1000MP  & MarkV Interfaces

 Icom PW1






Interface a FT1000MP/Mark V rig to an Icom PW1 amplifier.

I have a Mark V Field and 756 Pro interfaced to my Icom PW1.
If you want automatic band switching, antenna selection, etc. between your Yaesu and PW1 I highly recommend the microHAM band decoder. I have this unit in my shack and it works wonders with the Mark V Field / PW1 as if the Yaesu was an Icom. If you go this route you will need:
(a) the microHAM band decoder
(b) the 8 pin DIN cable that connects the Mark V to the 8 pin DIN jack on the decoder. Note you can elect to go with the CAT cable between the decoder and the CAT connector on the Yaesu Mark V, however, if you do so you will NOT get the decoder to read you MEMORY settings. So I highly recommend the 8 pin DIN cable.
(c) the cable for the decoder to the PW1.
(d) configuration software that comes with the decoder. It is easy to configure the decoder for just about any rig.
Setting up the Mark V and PW1 with the decoder should take all of 5 minutes and is done as if the Mark V is an Icom rig.
You may need different cables for a FT-1000/D which I am not sure about.
Support from Jozef at microHAM is excellent. The product is outstanding.

Hope this helps...Harry. WE1X


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