FT1000MP  & MarkV Interfaces



MP to Card Amp




YAESU FT - 1000/MP & MARK V interface


This one of numerous RTX - Sound blaster interfaces you can find on the internet, but this one include:

FSK KEYING to use with the RTTY port
DVS-2 to use the interface in AFSK mode, this include all digital modes + voice keyer

If you use AFSK mode you will probably need wide and narrow filters. With the classical MP this is not a problem, but with the MARK V (field) series, if you need wide filters you use the normal SSB mode, if you need narrow filters then you use PKT mode. Ted S57NDT


View SoundCard Interface by G4AXX

View SoundCard Interface by WA2AUZ (very good)

View Digital Mode Interface by N9ART (very good and featured in QST)




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