Port to PC





DVS-2 Port Interface with PC

The schematic below provides the necessary hookup. When using this method, the microphone is muted during transmit thereby eliminating the need to remove the microphone. The input and output potentiometers are optional. In my setup, using a sound blaster 16, I do not need them and the connections are straight through.  The levels required for between 25 and 50 watts of power during PSK idle is between 0.9 volts peak-to-peak and 1.4 volts peak-to-peak respectively or between approximately -11 and - 7 dbm at 600 ohms  The push to talk line on the DVS-2 connector also causes the phone patch and the microphone inputs to be muted and keys the transmitter.  The cntrl2 line enables the audio input on the Voice In line when the DVS-2 PTT line is enabled.




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