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DVS-2 More Tips by W4WB

I noticed in your write up on the DVS-2 regarding how to operate it that you indicated that the ideal message length is 4 s (in 4 x 4 setting). Actually, you can have an "optimal" message with any length up to 4 s. All you have to do is to press MEMO at the end of the message. When you play it back, it is nice and clean at the desired length.

We gave the DVS-2 a hard work out at Field Day last weekend. We ran the 40 m phone station and had 7 ops. The FT-1000MP was hooked to a 40 m Hex-Beam. MP also included all of the filters and the new INRAD roofing filter. The roofing filter worked great in the heavy QRM on 40 m! All of the ops really liked the DVS-2.

I also note that I use a Heil Goldline mic with the Studio element. When I "load" the DVS-2, I do NOT turn off the processing or do anything different at all other than being careful not to overdrive the DVS-2. The unit captures my voice quite well and on the air reports concur. Folks say my audio is articulate, clean, and powerful. When I run the VL-1000, the peak out shows 1060 W and the average is 800 W or so. It does take a fair amount of time and skill IMO to set up the 1000MP audio properly. One thing I did at Field Day was to forbid touching any controls/adjustments associated with the audio. :-)




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