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Tuning Device for FT1000MP by PA3BWK

The Yaesu FT1000 transceivers have been proven to be very popular after the introduction, it has found itís way to many hams, also lots of contesters are using these transceivers. But, unless they are great, sometimes you could wish for an extra feature here or there.

The FT-1000 series donít have the ability to simply tune up an amplifier or external tuner from the simple touch on a button. The only option is to buy the external keypad FH-1 that will consume operating space and money of course. There are other options, you can switch to CW and then key the transmitter, which is not convenient while working SSB or RTTY etc. Contesters donít have time to waste on these procedures; in some contest programs there is a possibility to tune up if you remember the right key combination. A single press on a button is still preferable from an operatorís point of view. WellÖ. hereís the solution!

With the use of a few parts and little soldering skill you are able to solve this problem!

You need a pushbutton type switch (measure if it really makes contact when you activate it), solder two resistors in parallel and connect them to a simple plug, thatís all there is! You can best use shielded wire for the connection between the connector and the pushbutton, that will prevent RF feedback into the transceiver.
After finishing connect it to the REMOTE jack on the rear panel.

To activate the switch you have to follow the next procedure:
Step 1: press and hold in [FAST] and then press [ENTER]
Step 2: Rotate the VRF/MEM knob to menu 7-9 and select the keyer function.
Step 3: Rotate the VRF/MEM knob to menu 4-3, there you can choose the maximum power you want to use during tuning, you can select these power levels:

Hi: 100 Watt (or 200 Watt depending on model)
Lo-2: 25 Watt (or 50 Watt depending on model)
Lo-1: 10 Watt

The output during tuning can be adjusted with the RF PWR knob (within the range you have chosen in the menu).

You can build it into a small cabinet or maybe combine it into a box with another project. Donít forget that you must not exceed the maximum tuning time of your transceiver or amplifier, if you blow your finals you are on your ownÖ..




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