Contacting Doug McCann, VA3CR

Thank you for visiting the FT1000MP Web site. Here are some tips for getting additional information or providing input to the web site. For Information about me click VA3CR Info or visit and enter my callsign.




Trouble Shooting Questions:

I get a lot of questions about these radios and accessories. Unfortunately, my knowledge is limited to the information on this site. I own an original FT1000MP and have not used a MarkV or Quadra etc. If you need further information or help with settings or troubleshooting with the Yaesu 1000MP, MarkV etc., I recommend that you join the 1000MP reflector (if you aren't already a member). You can do this by going to this URL. There you can elect to browse the archives or join the list. The members of the list will gladly try to answer your questions. If that doesn't work, I will be glad to try to help, and if you want to contact me, my email address is


Information for the Web Site:

I welcome any new information or material about these radios, accessories etc., including your experience with problems, solutions and repair. Most of the information on this site came from hams like you. Please email me at with the material, and I will gladly post it on the site with suitable credit to you. If you have files that are too big to email, I can download them, or give you an ftp address to upload them to my server.





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