Mark V






Push Buttons Stopped Working

Problem: Switched on the FT1000MP and noticed I could not change bands. Further investigation showed none of the pushbuttons (except the "fast") work. Transmit/receive ok, tuning by main/sub tuning knob ok. Band switching/mode changes by (logging) software ok. PA3BFH

Solution: I just bought a Mark V Field, and when I received the unit via mail the noise blanker button was intermittent.  You had to push it many times to engage or disengage the noise blanker.  I removed the four screws that hold the front panel assembly in place and loosened the bottom two screws so that the front panel could be tilted out, and everything worked fine in this position.  When I returned the front panel back to normal and put all the screws back in, NONE of the pushbuttons worked.  Again, when I hinged the front panel down, everything worked fine.  I found that as long as the front panel was separated by about a half inch from the chassis, everything worked fine.  There is a switching power supply running the fluorescent display that is covered with a metal can right behind the noise blanker switch.  I could disconnect the input to the switching supply and everything worked fine when the front panel was folded back up.  It appeared that EMI noise from this supply was causing problems with the pushbutton output getting reported to the processor board.  I took off the can, disconnected the connectors to the power supply, took out the switching power supply board, and then reassembled everything, and now it all works fine.  My theory is that the output connector from the supply board had a loose ground connection, and was radiating lots of RF noise.  I'm not sure if it will stay fixed, but it seems to have worked so far (about 2 weeks). Mike, K4GU

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