Radio Comparisons:

Barry, N1EU wrote: "These figures were fuel for much discussion about a year ago, if my memory is correct. I've examined the swept curves for several of these rigs from the ARRL expanded test reports and corresponded privately with Mike Tracey at the ARRL labs and have concluded that this table of figures, which has been widely circulated, is an inaccurate presentation of the relative performance of these radios. I urge interested parties to examine the BDR/IMD curves themselves. ARRL members can download the reviews at "
I went to that URL and the only ARRL expanded test reports after January 2001 are for the IC-256PRO II, TS-2000 and FT817, none of which were mentioned in the IMDDR and BDR test results I posted.As a result of posts in early January 2001 by Tom Rauch, W8JI and Dean Straw on the Topband Reflector, N6BV, on 11 January 2001 ARRL test lab engineer Michael Tracy, KC1SX posted the following on the Topband Reflector:
I went through a number of swept test data and was surprised to find that my generalization was not true in all cases. Here is the 5-kHz data for the rigs I checked:

(In alphabetical order...)

   Rig							BDR	IMD DR
   Elecraft K2 				126 	88
   ICOM IC-706 MkII G 			 86 	74
   ICOM IC-756 				 98 	67
   ICOM IC-756 Pro 			104 	80
   ICOM IC-775DSP 				104 	77
   Kenwood TS-570D 			 87 	72
   Ten-Tec Omni 6+ 			119		86
   Yaesu FT-1000MP 			111 	83
   Yaesu FT-1000MP Mark V 		106 	78
73, de Earl, K6SE