The programs listed below will interface with the FT1000MP (and most with the Mark V) series of Radio through the CAT Interface on the rear of the radio.  For the most part these are helpful utilities or HELPERS which you will find useful.

DX Atlas

This is an incredible new software that provides a world map with all the Zones, Call Sign Prefixes, Gray Line and much more in an easy to use package that you can integrate with your software. Very Nice accessory to your station. This program can be integrated into TRX Manager  You can download it for a month to try it out.


(download here)

Dxcc4Win is a Windows-based program which enables you to easily keep track of any and all of your ARRL DXCC awards. The database covers QSOs for Mixed, Phone, CW, RTTY, and Satellite DXCCs, and DXCCs for all amateur bands from 160-meters to 2-meters. The program also allows you to track QSL card status for stations worked and you are still waiting for their QSL cards to arrive. During entry of QSO data, you may also enter the QSL route (including complete mailing address, if you wish) and the date you sent your QSL card. This feature is very handy for any new ARRL Entities which you might work. Dxcc4Win version 1.0 includes all 334 current ARRL Entities and all 58 deleted Entities as outlined in the October 2000 issue of “The ARRL DXCC List”. An updated version 1.1 can be obtained from the author Earl K6SE

Ham Cap

This software displays propagation in real time by Ham Band. I tested it and found it to be very accurate and useful. It also served to explain the reason I wasn't able to hear stations on schedule. I started using this incredible software in Oct. 2006. I simply wouldn't be without it and what's best it's free. You can set your location and the type of antenna you are using on each band. You can also integrate with DX Atlas (see above) which makes that program even more useful.

Sound Card Manager

RoMac Sound Card Management allows you you set up each of your programs that use a sound with its own individual levels for a sound card, and then launch the program. When you quit the selected program, the RoMac Sound Card Management utility will return all the sound card levels back to normal.

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