The programs listed below will interface with the FT1000MP (and most with the Mark V) series of Radio through the CAT Interface on the rear of the radio.  For the most part these are helpful utilities or HELPERS which you will find useful.

BeaconSee BeaconSee analyses the audio signals from your radio, which is tuned to the NCDXF IARU HF beacon network.  BeaconSee controls the tuning of your radio, so that you can watch for band openings on several bands at once. Using the serial port on the PC, BeaconSee sends tuning commands to the remote control port on your radio, to cycle round the HF bands and record propagation conditions on each one in turn.
CW Tune-In This is a small ham radio program by Peter, SP5CFD intended to precisely tune-in into correspondent's frequency during CW operation (simplex or split frequency). The YAESU FT-1000MP series radios have tuning indicator and spot button as an aid for CW operation. This program differs in dual channel small size spectrum display so it can be used with dual receiver rigs. . Works with Logger and possibly others. Download here by clicking on link.
FH-1 Emulator This link takes you to immediate download an MS-DOS program which may be used by an IBM PC or compatible computer to emulate the Yaesu FH-1 remote control keypad to operate the CW contest memory keyer from the computer via the CAT connector on the FT-1000MP.
MpMm Great new memory manager program for the MP and the Mark V. This is freeware by AI7W.

Great new ham radio remote control program for the FT1000MP. Freeware by AI7W.

Download the Program from this site.  Download Source Code from this site.

MPcw4Win Great new freeware program that emulates the FH-1 remote control in Windows. Operates as CW memory keyer and works very well. Details on this program are on this site and can be downloaded here.
MPFilters Great new freeware program that allows you to change your filter configuration in Windows. Details on this program are on this site and can be downloaded here.
MpMem Great new freeware program that allows you to save and configure your memories for the FT1000MP. The program can be downloaded here.
Slide Rule Dial Slide Rule Dial developed by W0DZ and featured in QST Feb. 2002. Read up on this neat program and download the executable file and the source code from this site. This is an interesting new concept that shows you where you are in the dial, and what the designation of the that portion of the band is for
S Meter Lite S Meter Lite is a freeware program that displays your receiver's S Meter signal strength in a window. It has a few interesting options and applications.
Spectrum Analyzer New beta Spectrum Analyzer program for the FT1000MP. Scans the Sub VFO allowing you to leave the main VFO on frequency. Website no longer available, download by clicking the link to the left.
Spectrum GM Spectrum Analyzer program for the FT920, but works with the FT1000MP. Can be used to scan the bands.
Test4MP Great program by Earl K6SE to test your CAT port with your PC. It will find what port your MP is connected to and test it. You may also need to download mscomm32.ocx and place it in your \windows\system\ directory for this to work.
Visual Radio Works with the FT1000MP and Mark V. This program reportedly can be used to remotely control the radio over the internet etc. Also used for scanning. Web site no longer available and you can download here.
Voice Key Express Voice Key Express turns your PC's sound card into a powerful and versatile digital voice keyer.  Organize voice messages in advance for skeds and contests. Configure VKE to your existing PC to radio cables.  Interface with TRX-Manager.
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