Mark V


 60 MTR






Instructions for "Yaesu FT-1000MP Mark V"  to transmit out of band

Here Is a Mod I talked out of YAESU Not sure if you have this one, But it works

There is the  "60- meter" band  which I do not think the Mark V will cover normally.

That is one good place to use it.  Plus, since I have commercial experience, where the  "6-Meg"  commercial band is great...!   So the  "60-meter, 5.4 Mhz band..."  should be a very close dupe of the "6-Meg" commercial band.


1.   Confirm first... that the transceiver  IS NOT  transmitting outside of the band.

2.   Press  "Power on..."  while  Pressing  "Fast & Lock keys..."      simultaneously.

3.   Then, go to  "Xpanded Menu  9 - 9".

4.   Then, Press   "Fast  and  the  Enter key".

5.   Turn the  "RF/Memory  knob  "VRF/Memory  Channel  knob"  to      "Function 9 - 9".

6.   You will see  selection name:   "t-Select".

7.   Turn  the  "Main  VFO  A"   counter C.W.  until  you find      "Gen".

8.   Then, Press the  "Enter Key".

9.   You're  Finished...






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